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Penny Paper Series Review

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Sit Down! has released a set of three small games called Penny Papers Adventures. They are roll-and-write games, a very popular genre at the moment.


Penny Papers Adventures is a series of small strategy games in which all of the players use the same result of three dice to explore a location more thoroughly than their opponents by writing numbers in their grid in an optimal way to make the most victory points out of it. Challenge your ability to manage space, and wisely use the special effects of the dice. Oh, and don’t miss an opportunity to mess up your opponents’ grids when dangers appear! The number of players is unlimited as everyone plays at the same time!

Dale Yu from the Opinionated Gamers has published a review of the series and also gives a good overview of the difference between the three games, which similar to the Exit games have different complexity levels.

Link: Penny Papers Review