Alice is Missing: Silent Falls

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The Silent Falls expansion allows players to rediscover the game with additional cards that facilitate evocative new stories.
With the Silent Falls expansion, players are provided an opportunity to explore brand new stories with additional Suspect, Location, Character, Searching, and Clue cards, as well as new Relationship cards that help you to deepen your connections to the other characters.

Players have the opportunity to explore uncharted locations such as the dark, echoing spaces of the Caloma Caves, confront new Suspects like the distant father John Briarwood, and uncover thrilling new conclusions to Alice’s disappearance as they reveal the new 10-minute clue cards.

The Silent Falls expansion introduces 38 new cards in total, which is more than half the amount of cards in the original Alice is Missing. 4 new playable characters, 2 new Relationship cards with a total of 12 new prompts, 3 new Suspects, 3 new Locations, 4 new Searching cards and 22 new Clue cards (two additional Clue cards for each standard timestamp, as well as three additional 10 minute cards, and a replacement 90 minute card).


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