An Exquisite Crime: A Surreal Storytelling Experience

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In An Exquisite Crime, players are paranormal detectives, talking turns transcribing “visions” to another player who renders their words into a drawing. Solve mysteries ranging from the quirky and surreal to the downright monstrous.

From the award-winning development team that brought you Alice is Missing; this storytelling game is designed for 2-4 players to enjoy in a single 2–3 hour session. By the time the game is finished – players will have several keepsakes showcasing the story!


Solve mysteries as paranormal detectives.
6 unique scenarios with pre-set options for play.
Transcribe visions into art, making several keepsakes for you and the other players!
From the award-winning development team who brought you Alice is Missing!
Played over a single session of 2-3 hours, with 2-4 players.


  • 42 Vision Cards
  • 23 Card Deck: 6 Character Cards, 5 Secret Cards, 1 X Card, 1 O Card, 10 Zener Cards.
  • 6 Scenario booklets and Envelopes
  • Sand Timer
  • Rulebook


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