Guardians of Haversack

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In Guardians of Haversack (designed by Frédéric Guérard) build a team of guardians and send them to liberate the kingdom.Build a team of guardians and send them to liberate the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Havresac has been stricken with a terrible curse, and only your team of guardians can liberate it. Gather glory, gold and victory points to become the most bravest defender of the kingdom.

All members of your team of guardians are kept in your bag, each with their own special role and ability. On each round, successively draw your guardians from your bag and use them on your own kingdom board in order to rebuild villages, fight off monsters, free fairies in time, open treasure chests… Each guardian you play allows the next to go further out in the kingdom in order to reach the places you aim, if you plan adequately. Your heroic acts grant you points for the final victory, but also gold to recruit new guardians, building up your bag and refining your strategy.

Game Details
NameThe Guardians of Haversack (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank7042 [7.24]
Player Count1-4


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