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Mariposas has been designed by Elizabeth Hargrave (Wingspan, Tussie Mussie)

Every spring, millions of monarch butterflies leave Mexico to spread out across eastern North America. Every fall, millions fly back to Mexico. However, no single butterfly ever makes the round trip.

The Mariposas board game is a game of movement and set collection that lets players be part of this amazing journey.

The Mariposas board game is played in three seasons. In general, your butterflies try to head north in spring, spread out in summer, and return south in fall. The end of each season brings a scoring round, and at the end of fall, the player with the most successful family of butterflies — i.e., the most victory points — wins the game.

Game Details
NameMariposas (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.15]
BGG Rank1178 [7.03]
Player Count2-5


1 review for Mariposas

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    In this game you are following the migration of the Monarch butterfly over several generations from Michoacán in Mexico to various parts of America and back again, mimicking real life. You start with a single butterfly and play a card from a choice of two in your hand for movement and pick up flower tokens where the butterfly lands, the flower tokens are used for bringing more butterflies into play. The aim of the game is to collect victory points from end of round cards and getting 4th generation butterflies back to Michoacán, you can also pick up bonus points from way-stations. The rules are easy to learn and it is about the same weight as Wingspan (also by Elizabeth Hargrave). This is a good enjoyable route planning game that rewards tactical rather than strategic play.

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