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Phantom Leader places you in command of a US Air Force or US Navy Tactical Fighter squadron in Vietnam between 1964 and 1972. You must not only destroy the targets but you must also balance the delicate political repercussions of your attacks. If you strike too hard, your air offensive might be put on hold, strike to light, and you’ll be blamed for losing the war.

Welcome to the Vietnam Air War!

Each of the campaigns can be played with either an Air Force or Navy squadron. The targets assigned to each service are different and change the complexion of the campaigns. Each campaign can be played with three different durations of: Skirmish, Conflict, or War.

Each mission takes roughly 30 minutes to set-up, plan, and resolve.

Each of your pilots has their own skills. Selecting the right pilots and weapons for a mission is vital to its success. As you fly missions, your pilots will gain experience and fatigue. With experience, their skills improve, but as their fatigue increases, their skills decrease and they might not be able to fly for several missions.

What’s New in the Deluxe Edition?

  • Increase the cards from 165 to 330 
  • All pilots get all 6 experience levels 
  • Add new aircraft: Air Force F-5, Air Force A-7, Navy A-5 
  • Add more pilots for all aircraft types 
  • Add more Target cards 
  • Add more Special Event cards 
  • Revise the 6 original Campaigns to include the new Targets and Aircraft
  • Add Air Force and Navy Campaigns for the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Upgrade to a mounted 11″x17″ Tactical Display

Players: 1
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

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