The Castles of Tuscany

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The Castles of Tuscany board game is a new game from Stefan Feld based on the highly regarded Castles of Burgundy.

The beautiful Tuscany region, in the 15th century, is the home of the Italian Renaissance. As influential princes, the players make creative decisions to build their region into a flourishing domain.

By supporting towns, villages, and monasteries, or by extracting marble and delivering goods, players see their lands grow, earning them victory points. Each round, players use cards to place useful tiles to expand their regions and gain new opportunities.

The winner is the person who has the most victory points after three rounds of play.

Language(s): German/French/English

Game Details
NameThe Castles of Tuscany (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.21]
BGG Rank1098 [7.29]
Player Count2-4


1 review for The Castles of Tuscany

  1. Nick Shaw (verified owner)

    Calling back to Feld’s earlier design, Castles of Burgundy, the Castles of Tuscany is a quicker, more streamlined, lighter-weight eurogame that sees players building up their own Duchies in the Tuscany landscape through the use of tile drafting and placement.

    It features many of the design ideas present in Burgundy (tile drafting, tile placement, bonuses for tile types and completed regions, etc), but adds some new twists: modular boards, cardplay instead of dice rolls, simple engine building, double score tracks, very little down-time between turns.

    Burgundy may still be the better game, thanks to its depth and range of strategies, but Tuscany boils down Burgundy’s essence to a faster, easier-to-teach, and overall very enjoyable game.

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