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Last month I posted the Top 5 in Sales and Pre-Orders for August. The post received some positive comments and I was asked if I could do this regularly. No problem at all, here are the Top 5s for September.

Top 5 in Sales:

1. Junk Art
2. Fury of Dracula (Third Edition)
3. War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-earth
4. Mansions of Madness: Second Edition Figure and Tile Collections
5. Lotus


Junk Art is the new dexterity game from Pretzel Games (Flick ’em Up). It comes with the great wooden components and a nice wooden box and has been received very positive at our regular Gaming Night.


FFG announced last month the end of the licence agreement with Games Workshop. Fury of Dracula is one of the best games published under the agreement and everybody tried to get it as long as it is still available.


Warriors of Middle-earth is a new expansion for War of the Ring. I could have sold even more copies, but unfortunately the initial stock we received was limited and we are still waiting for a restock.


The two Mansions of Madness: Tile and Figure Collections are adding the expansions of the 1st edition to the new 2nd edition.


Lotus is a beautiful looking card game from Renegade Game Studios about creating and growing Lotus flowers. RGS is on a good run and with World’s Fair, Covert and now Lotus has published some very good games lately.

Here are the Top 5 Pre-Orders:

1. Scythe
2. Terraforming Mars
3. Arkham Horror: The Card Game
4. Inis
5. The Great Western Trail / The Oracle of Delphi


Scythe was one of the biggest hit in August, only limited by the small number of copies available. The game should be back in November, after it gets officially released in Europe and it easily tops the list of pre-orders in September.


Terraforming Mars is leading the Hotness ranking on BGG after its release in the US and it is in our Top 5 for a second month in a row. It is expected to be available in the UK next week.


Arkham Horror is one of FFG’s most successful board games and now they turn it into a card game. And to no surprise it is a success.


Inis is Matagot’s new game and the third game in the series of mythology based games (Cyclades and Kemet).

greatwesterntrail delphi

Great Western Trail (Alexander Pfister) and The Oracle of Delphi (Stefan Feld) are tied in 5th place of the pre-orders. Both are from Pegasus Spiele, who are on a great run lately and by the look o f the reactions both receive on BGG it looks like they will continue it.