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A new publisher: Bright Eye Games

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Today a new UK-based board game publisher has been announced: Bright Eye Games founded by some of the team behind PSC Games. From the press release:

They believe in bringing friends and family together to share in the joy that great gaming experiences have to offer. Bright Eye Games will publish fun and accessible board games covering a broad range of light-hearted and interesting themes that everyone can enjoy.

(Press Release)

The first new games from Bright Eye Games are a new edition of Waggle Dance (ETA: September) and Termite Towers (ETA: October), a new game building on Waggle Dance by adding a new layer of mechanisms that allow gamers of all ages to enjoy even more strategic gameplay.

Cora Quest is the third game Bright Eye Games has announced, but it won’t be available before early 2022.

CoraQuest is the highly anticipated lockdown Kickstarter hit designed by Dan Hughes and his 8-year-old daughter, Cora. A co-operative dungeon crawling game for 1-4 players where kids and grown-ups play together. Avoid traps, find treasure, fight monsters, and sometimes rescue a gnome called Kevin! Spark your imagination by creating your own heroes, monsters and adventures that will truly make your CoraQuest experience unique, time and time again.

(Source: Publisher description)