Back in stock: The Castles of Tuscany from Alea Spiele.Available to preorder: Super Fantasy Brawl from Myth Games.In stock: Pendulum from Stonemaier Games.

I’ve added two new pre-orders from German publishers to the website.

Quacks of Quedlingburg Big Box cover

The first one is the Quacks of Quedlinburg Big-Box from Schmidt Spiele. It includes the base game, the Herb Witches expansion and the Wolfgang’s Exchange Office mini-expansion. The big-box should arrive before Christmas.

Carpe Diem 2 Board Game box

The second game is Carpe Diem 2, a visually revised edition of Stefan Feld’s highly regarded tile-laying game. It comes with a new box artwork and revised components. ETA for the new edition is January 2021.

Carpe Diem 2 Components