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We are less than one month away from Essen 2022, time to take another look at more of the new games getting released at the biggest board game show in the world.

Findorff (2F Spiele) cover

Friedemann Friese is back and has announced two new games for Essen. The first one is Findorff, an economic engine builder with elements from Power Grid. The second one is Fancy Feathers, an interesting card game for two to six players (with additional copies).

Joan of Arc Orléans Draw & Write (dlp Games) cover

Orleans is still one of my favourite games of all time. Now dlp games are releasing Joan of Arc, the Orleans Draw & Write, which immediately got me interested. Another new game from dlp is Rise in which you ascend on ten tracks and manage your city.

Lacrimosa (Devir Games) cover

Spanish publisher Devir is on a very good run lately with Red Cathedral and Bitoku being big hits. Their next big box release is Lacrimosa, which evolves around the completion of the Requiem, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last piece.

Bear & Bread (Deep Print Games) cover

Deep Print Games, the new publishing project from Peter Eggert, is very busy and has with Skymines and Caldera Park already two new games in the pipeline. Now they have announced Beer & Bread, a two-player card game from Scott Almes.

Crossing Oceans (PD Verlag) cover

Last but not least we look at the PD Verlag (publisher of Concordia) and they are releasing a new game from Mac Gerdts. Crossing Oceans revives the golden era of ocean liners and picks up the theme and some elements of the 2017 released board game Transatlantic.