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New Pre-orders added

Shop News

After falling behind with adding new pre-orders during the busy Christmas period, I’ve now started to catch up a bit and have added quite a few new games available for pre-order to the website.

Five of the more interesting ones are:

Dorfromantik Board Game (Pegasus Spiele) cover
  • Dorfromantik – The Board Game is transforming the popular building strategy and puzzle video game into a family game for young and old.
  • Undaunted – Battle Of Britain is a standalone game in the Undaunted series, adapting the core gameplay of the previous games to recreate the dynamic dogfighting of aerial combat.
  • Virtu takes place during the Italian Renaissance, with each player embodying one of the powerful Italian cities of the time and trying to make it more powerful than all others through “virtù”, the ability to accomplish great things through a strong state.
  • In Tribes Of The Wind, you use the back of your opponent’s cards to play your actions in the best possible way.
  • In Knight Tales, 1-4 players stand against hordes of monsters and must cooperatively or semi-cooperatively defend a remote village for three days and three nights.
Knight Tales (Voodoo Games) cover

I’ve also changed the way I add new games to the shop: once I get details for new releases or new games available to pre-order, I will add the basic details (Name of the game, Publisher, Release date and price) to the website so the games are available for everyone who already knows about them. The next time I have time, I will add all the missing details (descriptions, images, Youtube videos). I hope this way games will be available to order earlier than before.