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This week was a good week for fans of solo games. We have received three new games and an expansion for an older solo game:

Eleven Football Manager Board Game All-In Bundle cover

The Eleven: Football Manager Board Game is advertised as a 1-4 player game, but as most reviews I watched noted it plays best as a solo game. You can play it solo out of the box and add a solo campaign expansion that consists of connected 8 scenarios.

Wreckland Run (Renegade Game Studios) cover

Wreckland Run is the newest game from the Solo Hero Series from Renegade. Like Warp’s Edge, the last game in the series, it has been designed by Scott Almes.

Warp's Edge Anomaly (Renegade) box

Warp’s Edge was very popular, so it is no wonder that Renegade has released Anomaly, the first expansion for Warp’s Edge. It adds new starfighters, motherships, and skills add to the options alongside the anomalies, an all-new token type.

Paperback Adventures (Fowers Games)

Conquer a menagerie of pulp novel characters in Paperback Adventures, a solo deckbuilding word game from Fowers Games. There are three playable characters available that have different strengths and playstyles. One of these characters is needed together with the Core Box to play the game.