Back in stock: The Castles of Tuscany from Alea Spiele.Available to preorder: Super Fantasy Brawl from Myth Games.In stock: Pendulum from Stonemaier Games.

Capstone Games

New Board Game Releases (26/11/2020)

It's the last week of November and as usual, at this time of the year, the new board game releases are flooding in. So without further ado here is our weekly News Show with a look at all the new games we have received: You can find all these…
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CloudAge: Interview with Alexander Pfister

CloudAge is Alexander Pfister's next game getting released by Capstone Games and new publisher Nanox Games. The CloudAge board game is a strategy game from Alexander Pfister and Arno Steinwender. The award-winning authors have created a dark and dystopian world for 1 to 4 players.CloudAge is a mix of engine-building, deck-building, and resource…
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This week’s releases confirmed (29/07/19)

This week we are expecting a small number of new releases than usual, but all of them are quite interesting. Confirmed are: Box Cover Foothills (nearly sold out to pre-orders)Pipeline Both are expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon with pre-orders getting shipped on Wednesday. Box Cover Crisis (2019 Reprint) Crusader Kings…
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What happened this week?

A very busy week comes to an end, time for us to give you a quick summary of what has arrived this week: Tuesday: Blue Lagoon Condottiere (2018 edition) Corsair Leader Corsair Leader: Aces Expansion Dice Settlers Endeavor: Age of Sail Everdell Folklore the Affliction: Dark Tales Guardians Haven Legendary…
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